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Lasa’s marble is a valuable and much appreciated material, characterised by extraordinary properties. It has been extracted and transported from the Jennewand massive in Laas / Lasa (1555 - 2350 m) and from Mount Covelano (1250 m) for over 100 years. Around the turn of last century, the marble was used mainly for artistic works and sculptures. Monuments and sculptures all over the world provide factual evidence. Today the process has shifted mainly to the construction sector, but the use of marble in the arts is gaining new importance.

The Lasa marble Wiki aims to offer all those interested a view on the long tradition of marble extraction and quarries in Val di Lasa and Covelano. It also presents works that were created with this precious stone all over the world. For this purpose a list of international works created with Lasa’s marble was drawn up. The interactive list, which can then be completed and extended with new entries by authorized users, is divided into two categories: public works and private works. The first category includes all the works that can be accessed by the public: (Monuments, badges and plaques but also buildings, furniture and coverings, both internal and external). Artists, sculptors, architects and private individuals who have created or own buildings, furniture, and other Lasa marble works will have the opportunity to list them within the category of ‘private works’.

The dream is to form a community of contributors interested in this unique natural stone. We hope that the Lasa marble Wiki will expand to include other works and compelling stories.

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